Hi Hi^^ This is Chrissy ^_^ A.K.A jaywalker-kpoper here with my very first giveaway^^

So this month I recently reached 600+ followers and I decided, why not do a kpop giveaway?!?! I’ve always wanted to do a giveaway and so tah dah! I know it’s not the best stuff, this is all I could find and afford so instead of rambling on and on I guess I should tell you the details of the giveaway^^ 

Giveaway Prizes:

EXO M Album includes:

- EXO M CD and CD case

- Cover of Album

- Small poster from INSIDE the album

- Photobook

- NO PHOTOCARD! Photocard was sadly stolen by my friend…So instead of a photocard I’m giving the album away with 2 small laminated photos. One will be Kris (as shown in the picture) and the other picture will be a secret~ 

- It’s open but it’s brand new! I just opened it for the sake of the photo and to see the photo card

4 Poster/Folder:

Little note: When I bought the poster/folder I didn’t know it was double sided.. I think that the product is originally a folder since it’s double sided, but when I bought it, it says it was a poster so I usually hand them up on my wall… But you can either use it as a folder or poster it’s up to you.

The 4 Group Posters/Folders Are:

BAP: One side is from the No Mercy era and the other side is the Power era 

EXO K: One side is I think the EXO K poster and the other side has two different pictures of the group.

INFINITE: One side has the name and I think the photocard pictures from 'INFINITIZE' and the other side has two different pictures of the group.

SHINee: One side is I think 'Dazzling Girl' poster and the other side is a picture of the group. 

If anything in my descriptions of the posters/folders didn’t make sense..Just use the pictures on the top of the post as a reference to my explanations.. And if there are still any questions please message me.


1st Winner: The Exo M album with the two small laminated pictures

2nd Winner: Their choice of any of the 4 posters/folders in the picture

3rd Winner: Their choice of any of the 3 posters/folders that haven’t been chosen by the 2nd place winner

4th Winner: Their choice of any of the 2 poster/folders that haven’t been  chosen by the other winners

5th Winner: The last poster/folder that the other winners haven’t already chosen


1. You don’t have to be one of my followers. You can follow me if you like, just don’t follow me if you’re going to unfollow after the giveaway because I always keep track of how many followers I have. 

2. You must be a kpop blog.. Well, you don’t have to be a FULL kpop blog, but just have like half of you blog filled with kpop since this is a kpop giveaway

3. No Role Play Blogs or Giveaway blogs allowed.

3. If you have more then one tumblr account I highly suggest that you only reblog from one account. Just to keep it fair for the other blogs

4. Likes DO NOT count, but you are free to do so

5. Reblog as much as you want and whenever you want.

7. If you FAIL to follow these rules you will be excluded from this giveaway!! But I don’t think it’ll be hard to follow these rules since they are simple

If You Win:

If you win I will message you in your ask so please make sure it is open. Also, make sure you answer my ask privately so I can find out you did respond. If you don’t respond privately and I’m not following you I will not be able to find out you responded… And if you did accidentally publish it just message me back saying it was an accident.

You will have only 2 days to respond to my message. In the message  I will include what winner you are, what you have won and what date and time I messaged you. If you do not message me in the exact 2 days then you sadly have lost the chance of your prize and it will go to the next person..

Little Extra Notes:

This giveaway is WORLDWIDE and I will pay for shipping

Please be fair and a good sport to the winners.

If you have any questions about the giveaway please leave me a message on my blog

Giveaway Starts: Sunday February 17th 2013 Eastern Time EST

Giveaway Ends: Saturday March 23th 2013 Eastern Time EST

I’m not sure if I will announce the winners publically because I want them to win in private…But I might change my mind later… So if I go change my mind please check out my blog on Sunday March 24th 2013 Eastern Time EST to find out if you have won or not ^_^

I guess that’s it! Please follow the rules and be patient! I’m actually afraid that I’ll get like 5 reblog! Please do reblog and like so I don’t feel like a loser  Have fun and good luck^^


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